what is Search engine optimization ?

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Search Engines are just like Professors of any Engineering college where students are just like websites. The students, who have enough qualities (Good Content, Systematic Work, Enough Back links) to get professor's trust and Faith, are always awarded by maximum marks (Top Ranking over search engine Results) in internal Exams. New Professors also compare Best Guys (Top Rank) with Good Guys (after top rank) and Bad Guys (Spammed sites). And of course, give some more preference to beauty and smartness (Systematic, scientific and well designed sites). What other Professors and students (Links from Major Directories and other websites) think about best Guys is the most important Criteria of being the Best. Similarly in SEO, everything (But organic and Natural) that you can do to bring more people to your site, is useful. Press release, Blogs, Forums, Free Downloads, Free online Services, online Games, Quotes, Online Demo, Animations, templates etc are just few examples.
Search engines asks Three Questions to your websites:
1. Who are you? (about your Back links)
2. Why you and not your Competitor? (about your Free stuff)
3. Do you really mean it? (Everything that is called organic over internet)
What you give to your Visitors for Free
Just analyze the website of your competitor and compare it with your with these three questions in mind. You'll get the results that what should you do to get better position then your competitor. Always Remember…, NEVER under estimate major search engines. Any School guy is NOT developing their Code on his old Pentium-II Desktop having 640MB hard disk and 32MB RAM. Thousands of brilliant and sharp programmers who are best in their field and in the industry are working in StarWebCanvas.com search Engine Company.

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